Chase those dimples away with Cellulite be Gone

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Jeezzz!! Don’t you just hate those dimples and wouldn’t you just be a little bit firmer all around?

massage 1

The treatment
We can help you a little bit with your lovely dimples. We say a little bit, because all of this depends on your lifestyle….if it sucks…well…you know the deal. But if it’s good, clean and wholesome, we can surely do our thing with some tough massage. Yeah, we said it: it’s tough. No pain, no gain with this one.The massage is tough, but no worries, it only lasts 30 minutes. After that it’s no pick-nick either. Then you’ll get a 15 minute massage with a cold, big icecube. This all activates the blood circulation like nothing else. Let bikini time begin!!!


45 minutes: € 80,-


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