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Thamara Zijlstra - Blueberry Dynamic

You know, some people just have a way of looking at life that is so inspiring, it needs to be shared. Thamara Zijlstra is one of those people. In our interview I asked her about traveling, work and life. I left our conversation just a bit happier and more inspired than when I came.

“If you look at all people as equals and interact with them as such, your interaction will always be fun and valuable”

Thamara is an optimist and a bit of a rebel who whole-heartedly believes life is fun and that the world is a magic place. She has a never-ending hunger for adventure, big or small, local or on the other side of the planet.

Even as a young lady she couldn’t hold back her drive to be different and authentic. In high-school (and thereafter) she was the go-to-person when something had to be organized or planned. Super cool school events, parties and even TV appearances for her whole class were the result of a talent to think in possibilities and bending rules. Skills that are still working miracles for her.

“I love to create! And I am doing it in a way that feels good to me”!

Thamara now runs her business Blueberry Dynamic with flair and with a mission! As Virtual Assistant (VA) and Virtual Assistant trainer she aims to put the VA on the map in our little country. VA’s are professionals with expertise in various area’s who can support entrepreneurs online and help them lift their businesses to the next level.

Thamara takes full responsibility for her own successes and failures. Although that might sound scary to some people it gives her a sense of freedom. She is the only one who decides what she does in her life, even when the going gets tough. A perspective that is admirable and I wish more people and entrepreneurs would have.

“Being an entrepreneur is not uncertain at all”

Another part of freedom for Thamara is traveling. She has seen many places all over the world but traveling is more to her than seeing as many beautiful places as she can. It’s more than anything about indulging herself in the daily lives of local people and doing what they do. Her absolute favorite place to go is South Africa.

Keep an eye on this lady, because she and her kick-ass VA’s are ready to take over the country and the rest of the world will follow!



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