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We loooooovvveee to do events. If you think We Like Massage and your event are a match made in heaven, just hook us up: or call: + 31 6 13751732.

Where we did our magic in the past
Pearl Event
Sofitel the Grand
Roots Festival
Vrij festival
Day of the Volunteer
Goyume Yoga Centre
Backstage massage for Kool and the Gang
Backstage massage for Dream Theater

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For all you hard working heroes

We want to make employees feel at their very best, so we give the best company massages Amsterdam has to offer. So they can take better care of themselves, their responsibility and their colleagues. And their colleagues will, naturally, influence their network on their turn. It's like a revolution taking place. And it all starts at your company....with a massage!

We Like Massage offer 15 or 20-minute company massages for the working (wo)man. Chair or table, your pick. With clothes on, to make everybody feel comfortable. We add a little bit of Thai yoga stretch to our pressure point techniques to give your employees an aah-mazing start (or ending) of their workday.

Did you know getting and offering massages at work increases one's productivity. Research studies show massages keep employees healthy and happy. So less people people call in sick. Also: tax deductions are allowed for chair massages. Hello fiscal benefits!

Be a FeelGood Ambassador

Do you want massages at your company?
Do you think We Like Massage and your company are a match made in heaven?
Just drop us an e-mail:
or call: + 31 6 13751732.
We will come over to give some free trial massages.

The prices may vary. All depends on how many people will participate and if the massages are on a regular basis. Contact us for more information:
or call: + 31 6 13751732. You can pay cash or we will send an invoice. Take your pick. Invoices will be send around the 20th of the month.


Do try it yourself!

With her calm & warm presence and her killer massage skills, Barbara is one of my favourite massage therapists in Amsterdam. And she comes to my own house when it suits me best. It’s just so convenient & relaxing. I would say: do try it yourself!

I just feel wonderful …

I have a wonderful masseuse who I can call: Barbara Gemin. Whenever I get a treatment from her, I just feel wonderful….

Insta Froukje de Both

The best

“By far the best to get your massage from. She’s humble, but she shouldn’t be. Barbara is a prime masseuse that can even come to your own home to relax you to bits. Now, who wouldn’t want that?! I thought so.