What does We Like Massage believe in?

We believe in a revolution. Is it by connecting? is it by trying to get to a higher level of consciousness? We don't know. All we know is that we live in a society that is based on disconnecting from oneself and from others. Stress is a big part of that. To that we say: hell no! We firmly believe that has to change. Massage is a big part of feeling that connection and we are happy to do our part.

What's your mission?

The realization that everyone is should have access to a killer massage in the comfort of their own environment really struck home. And from that moment on, we feel it's our humble duty to promote the benefits of massage. And we're not talking about the generic reasons that a massage treatment is a good thing for your body. No sir, we're talking about feeding the soul while we take care of your body. We're talking about taking care of the inner child who wants to be cuddled and nurtured. In the end, we want you to be bold, to be happy and to be the best YOU can be. Because, dammit, we think you're awesome! We want you to get the best massage experience ever...and then go out there & freaking rock! That's all we want...

How does it work when I make an appointment?

Just call of e-mail to make an appointment, let us know what kind of massage you want and give us your address and telephone number. We need enough space to set up our table. Also, the room has to be heated. Not for us, but for you. When you're relaxing, your temperature will drop a little bit and we don't want you to get cold.

Which masseur/massage therapist is coming?

Normally Barbara will come. If she's not able to come, another masseur will give the treatment. Of course all in consultation with you.

Can I give a massage treatment as a gift?
Are you for real?!? Of course, if you're a good friend. Just contact us and we will send you a gift voucher.

Do I need to do anything when the massage therapist is coming?
You will have to do nothing. The massage therapist will provide everything. Just make sure you have enough space for the massage table and you might want to heat up the room a bit.

What kind of oils do you use?
We use 100% organic oils. We love to experiment with all kind of brands. For example, now we just looooovveee the oils and moisturizing lotions from SpaRitual.