Want to feel good? Like, really, really good? Well, become a member of the FeelGood Revolution and join our loyalty program  Here’s how.

Get a loyalty card
5 hour massages: get 1/2 hour massage for free
10 hour massages: get 1 hour massage for free
15 hour massages: get 1 1/2 hours massage for free
20 hour massages: get 2 hours massage for free

Be our FeelGood Ambassador
You can help us help you, help us….How?!? By getting us some new clients, in exchange for a killer massage. Here’s how it works:  for every new client who makes an appointment, you will get a 10% discount. You can save up to 100% discount. No kidding! All they have to do is mention your name.

Be a regular client
If you get regular massages and directly book yourself a next treatment with us, we will treat you with nice little gifts. This can be a little extra time for your next massage (a 10-minute head or footmassage) or a sample of a product we’re excited about!



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