Get a massage in Amsterdam, in the comfort of your own home, company, hotel, event or any location and be your most awesome self! Why? Because We Like Massage said so!

As a massage therapist I believe in the power of touch and connection. Ofcourse…a massage has his benefits for your tired muscles. But the main focus is giving YOU, the good people of this Earth a good time, so that you will feel at your best. And if you’re at your best, you can be the best to your circle. And so people in that circle can be their best in their circle. And so on and so on. Can you dig it? In the end, all that I want, is for you to get off that table, go on into this world and be your best awesome self. So I designed some of the best massages in town, all in the comfort of your chosen location. Check them out!

*Instant Karma: classic/Swedish massage combined with Shiatsu/footreflexology
*Deeper & deeper: a serious – no joke- deep tissue massage
*Go With the Flow: a massage packed with the flowing moves of Lomi Lomi
*MamaFeelGood: for the mommies: pregnancy massage or post-partum massage
*Some Like It Hot: hotstone massage for tha ‘koukleumen’ or chilly people
*Scrubalicious: first a good homemade scrub and then a massage, minimum of 90 minutes
*Start me up!: more energy
*Cellulite Be Gone: our remedy against cellulite
*Couple massage: double massages for you and your partner at home
*Instant Upgrade: an instant moisturizing boost for you skin.



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