So, you’ve had your baby. Well, congratulations!! You’re adjusting to your new situation, sleepless nights, figuring it all out, being happy, healing from your pregnancy, and delivery. And all at once. You need a post partum massage in the comfort of your own home! Pronto!

This is a real soothing & soft massage with extra attention for your (lower) back which still might be sore. We’ll also focus on your shoulders and arms, because of the breastfeeding and carrying your newborn. With a warm herbal stamp with chamomile we will massage your whole body. This includes your belly. This herb safely promotes relaxation and sleep. The oil of our choice is jojoba, also nourishing for your skin. Don’t panic, we’re 100% organic.

You can book this massage after a week after your delivery. Or in consultation, especially after having a caesarean section.

60 minutes: € 85,-
90 minutes: € 105,-






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