You’re pregnant and want to have some relief for your (lower) back and legs and feet. Aaahh, those feet, especially at the end. So here we give you a great Pregnancy massage at your house in the Amsterdam area. Or maybe you just want to relax. Oh, and you may complain about all those aches. We’re here for you…

This is a real soothing & soft massage with extra attention for your (lower) back, legs, ankles and feet. During the treatment you will be on your side. We don’t do our pregnancy massage on a table with a hole for belly. We’ll tell you why: you don’t want your belly hanging out. First, your belly gets cold and, second, it’s not that great for your abdomen and spine. With this massage we’ll use a warm herbal stamp with chamomile. This herb safely promotes relaxation and sleep. And the oil of our choice is jojoba. Don’t panic, we’re 100% organic.

You can book this massage when you’re after a week after your delivery. Or in consultation.

Prices pregnancy massage Amsterdam area

60 minutes: € 85,-
90 minutes: € 105,-



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