Massage for all the new mommies: MamaFeelGood


Your pregnant and you’re feeling all those little aches that come with the territory. Or you just want to relax.  Or you just had your delivery, and you’re just getting used to your new situation, the sleepless nights, the breastfeeding and you just want to frigging relax. C’mon, you deserve it! Hell, you deserve a year of massages!! And in the oil there should be flakes of gold and diamonds…

There are two MamaFeelGood massage treatments: during and after (postpartum). Make sure to get them or ask them as a gift. Both are awesome!! Oh, and don’t forget about those baby daddies. Because they need to relax too. You can also get a couple massage.

Click on one of the massages to get more info:
MamaFeelGood pregnancy massage
MamaFeelGood postpartum massage

60 minutes: € 85,-
90 minutes: € 105,-