Get a massage in Amsterdam, in the comfort of your own home, company, hotel, event or any location and be your most awesome self! Why? Because We Like Massage said so!

As a massage therapist I believe in the power of touch and connection. Of course... a massage has his benefits for your tired muscles. But the main focus is giving YOU, the good people of this Earth a good time, so that you will feel at your best. And if you're at your best, you can be the best to your circle. And so people in that circle can be their best in their circle. And so on and so on. Can you dig it? In the end, all that I want, is for you to get off that table, go on into this world and be your best awesome self.

So I designed some of the best massages in town, all in the comfort of your chosen location.

Check them out!

Pregnancy massage

You’re pregnant and want to have some relief for your (lower) back and legs and feet. Aaahh, those feet, especially at the end. So here we give you a great Pregnancy massage at your house in the Amsterdam area. Or maybe you just want to relax. Oh, and you may complain about all those aches. We’re here for you…

This is a real soothing & soft massage with extra attention for your (lower) back, legs, ankles and feet. During the treatment you will be on your side. We don’t do our pregnancy massage on a table with a hole for belly. We’ll tell you why: you don’t want your belly hanging out. First, your belly gets cold and, second, it’s not that great for your abdomen and spine. With this massage we’ll use a warm herbal stamp with chamomile. This herb safely promotes relaxation and sleep. And the oil of our choice is jojoba. Don’t panic, we’re 100% organic.You can book this massage when you’re after a week after your delivery.

60 minutes: € 85,-
90 minutes: € 105,-

Deeper & deeper –
deep tissue

For those who have sore or tensed up muscles and can take a tough, deep tissue massage in the comfort of their own home in the Amsterdam area. We mean, like…HARD. DIE HARD!

What can I say…This is some serious – no joke – deep tissue massage. Most of the techniques are done with the elbows for some good solid pressure. Crying is not allowed…

60 minutes: € 85,-
90 minutes: € 105,-

Go With the Flow –
so relaxing…

If you like soft, relaxing massages at home in Amsterdam, think about vacation, palm trees and pina colada’s. In general… if you want to chill the bliep out AND moisturize your skin while you’re at it. Then we have a treat for you! Can you say ALOHA?

This superawesome, superchill relax massage is packed with the flowing moves of Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian massaga). The word ‘lomi’ used tradionally means to rub, knead, press, squeeze, massage, to work in and out, as the claws of a contented cat. The treatment is done with coconut oil (the not so smelly kind) so also super moisturizing for your skin. That will keep you purring for at least an hour….

60 minutes: € 85,-
90 minutes: € 105,-

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Do try it yourself!

With her calm & warm presence and her killer massage skills, Barbara is one of my favourite massage therapists in Amsterdam. And she comes to my own house when it suits me best. It’s just so convenient & relaxing. I would say: do try it yourself!

I just feel wonderful …

I have a wonderful masseuse who I can call: Barbara Gemin. Whenever I get a treatment from her, I just feel wonderful….

Insta Froukje de Both

The best

“By far the best to get your massage from. She’s humble, but she shouldn’t be. Barbara is a prime masseuse that can even come to your own home to relax you to bits. Now, who wouldn’t want that?! I thought so.

    Some Like It Hot –
    hot stone treatment

    Do you need to relax at home and/or really want to work on your tensed up muscles in your Amsterdam residence? We can help you with our hotstone massage treatment.

    This massage is done with warm towels and/ or hot stones and can vary from firm to soothing. Next to the stones and towels the massage is done with the hands.

    60 minutes: € 90,-
    90 minutes: € 110,-

    MamaFeelGood –
    for yo momma

    You long for a relaxing pregnancy or post partum massage at home in Amsterdam because you’re feeling all those little aches that come with the territory. You just want to relax. Or you just had your delivery, and you’re just getting used to your new situation, the sleepless nights, the breastfeeding and you just want to frigging relax. C’mon, you deserve it! Hell, you deserve a year of massages!! And in the oil there should be flakes of gold and diamonds…

    There are two MamaFeelGood massage treatments: during and after (postpartum). Make sure to get them or ask them as a gift. Both are awesome!! Oh, and don’t forget about those baby daddies. Because they need to relax too. You can also get a couple massage.

    60 minutes: € 85,-
    90 minutes: € 105,-

    Couple massage

    Are you a couple and want to have your treatments at the same time in the comfort of your own home in Amsterdam? Don’t worry. Now you can.

    Two therapists will come over. You just have to make sure you’ll have the space for two massage tables. Great for anniversaries, Valentine’s day, just a chill out day…you name it. You can choose your treatment and let the good times begin! Yeahhh!

    60 minutes: € 170,- 
    90 minutes: € 210,-

    Scrubalicious –
    scrub treatment

    Do you crave a lovely massage, but also want a body as soft as a baby bum, then our very best scrub treatment is the stuff for you, right at home in your Amsterdam residence! We also make our scrubs ourself! And don’t panic, we’re 100% organic! Word to your mother!

    You will get a good rub with our homemade scrub, after that you can take a shower, followed by a lovely massage afterwards. This treatment is 60 or 90 minutes of pure bliss. The scrub is made by us and 100% organic.

    90 minutes: 110,-
    120 minutes: 130,-

    60 minutes: € 85,-
    90 minutes: € 105,-

    Postpartum massage

    So, you’ve had your baby. Well, congratulations!! You’re adjusting to your new situation, sleepless nights, figuring it all out, being happy, healing from your pregnancy, and delivery. And all at once. You need a post partum massage in the comfort of your own home! Pronto!

    This is a real soothing & soft massage with extra attention for your (lower) back which still might be sore. We’ll also focus on your shoulders and arms, because of the breastfeeding and carrying your newborn. With a warm herbal stamp with chamomile we will massage your whole body. This includes your belly. This herb safely promotes relaxation and sleep. The oil of our choice is jojoba, also nourishing for your skin. Don’t panic, we’re 100% organic. You can book this massage after a week after your delivery. Or in consultation, especially after having a caesarean section.

    60 minutes: € 85,-
    90 minutes: € 105,-

    Start me up –
    more energy

    Do you feel tired? Exhausted. You can really use a little pick me upper? Then wait no more! Meet the energizing massage for everyone who’s feeling tired and could use a little extra OOOMMPHH!

    Living the Lush Life…

    Put a little more lush in all our massages and pamper your body to the max. We use special organic massagebars for this shizzle. For a moisturizing boost like you’ve never seen before. Upgrade your massage treatment with this and live the LUSH life.

    € 12,50