Wanna know how my love for massages started? It began when I was on a trip to Bali with my good friend when I was 17. We got massages from a 80 year old lady from Java with hands and fingers that could crack (coco)nuts. After that I was hooked!


We got massages every damn day! After that my friend went on to study as a beautician and she would practice on me šŸ„°. She was aaaamaaazing, so she set the standard for how a massage ought to be. For me at least…

The years after I kept on being a massagelover and had treatments whenever I could and dabbled into massaging myself. It seemed I was a natural talent! Everybody was enthousiastic or just fell asleep whenever I massaged them šŸ˜†. I took some courses, but did nothing with it, cause I was scared and already had a fulltime job at the city councel.

When I delivered my twin in 2005, I wanted a massage soooo bad, but there were no ‘at home’ services back then. The idea arose to start a mobile massage service to work with post partum mums (like me). Because one thing about being a new mother: it’s most likely you will get overwhelmed and put yourself last. The feeling of arranging things or getting a babysitter for just a massage feels…….off.

Well…it took me untill april 2012 to grow some balls and start my business. But I knew: Iā€™m going to do this thing and rock it!!!! I registered my name: WE LIKE MASSAGE and off I went.

These days my clientele is a wide range of women, but with a focus on bodyconfidence. I want you to feel like your most baddest self (including all the fuck ups).


Hope to see you soon!